Thursday, September 30, 2010

Musical Interlude

One of my favorite Glenn Miller songs is Moonlight Cocktail. I briefly mentioned the song in Gold Star Wife, but used it to set a scene in A Different Tune. This book is set at the end of World War II. It's the coming-of-age story of Cassie Wright, who thinks she has her future planned very well, but it takes a turn she hadn't expected. The scene below is between Cassie and her "best friend since first grade", who has just eloped with a man she's only known for a few days.
"Now I know what all those love songs really mean. You know how we used to think that Moonlight Cocktail was about people mixin’ drinks outside under the trees in the middle of the night? It’s really about...” Trixie paused, put her mouth next to Cassie’s ear and whispered, “...s.e.x.”
Cassie bolted up from the bench and ran to the corner of the screened-in porch, giggling like a little girl. Then, it dawned on her that she wasn’t a little girl any more. She was about to leave her family home and go off to school a hundred miles away. Her best friend was now a married lady, sitting on the bench in a navy blue dress with spectator pumps on her feet. Trixie even looked like a grown woman.
“I guess I’m happy for you," Cassie said. "Gee, Trix. I’m really gonna miss you like crazy.”
Water puddled up in Trixie’s eyes, and before Cassie knew it, they were in each other’s arms, holding on as tight as they could.
-----End Excerpt-----
Moonlight Cocktail, written by Kim Gannon and Lucky Roberts, was one of Glenn Miller's biggest hits. From February 28, 1942 until May 2, 1942, it topped the Billboard music charts.
Listen to the original recording below featuring Ray Eberle and The Modernaires. Enjoy!

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